Discover Fish Oil For Dogs - How it Can Help Your Dog!

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There has been a lot of hype lately surrounding the idea of using fish oil for dogs. The media has been flooded with reports that declare fish oil can help your dog live longer, stay healthy, and even fight cancer. These claims have no scientific proof to back them up. So, how to figure out whether fish oil really helps your ferret live a long and healthy life? The answer actually lies in looking at both cats and dogs and their dietary needs. Taking a look at how they are nourished and fed will give you a better picture of whether fish oil is right for your pet.
There are two major food sources for fish oils and the first would be fish oil supplements sold at pet stores, but I'm guessing that you don't have one around the house. The second major source would be the health food store where you would find such things as Vitamin E, fish oil capsules, flax seed, walnuts, etc. Most of these items are only recommended for dogs because they are high in fats and have relatively low amounts of good fats like the fish. Unfortunately, most of the foods you find on grocery stores have very little fat and very high amounts of bad fats. That's why you should consider purchasing your dog a supplement instead of buying him regular food from the store.
Another factor you should consider when trying to figure out if fish oil works for your dog is your vet. Only your vet knows the condition of your dog, their diet, and their general health. Most dog owners simply take their dog to the vet and that's about the limit of their knowledge about their pet's well being. If your vet gives you the okay, ask her which supplements your dog should take and ask her how she feels about the ingredients used in them.
The supplement that your vet might recommend would be a supplement called BunnyPunch Salmon Oil. BunnyPunch Salmon Oil was created by a known health nut by the name of Jeffrey Green. The supplement comes in a pump bottle form and can be given twice a day or after each meal. It contains all sorts of fatty acids like EPA, DHA, and EPA/DHA. Most dogs have very low levels of those fatty acids naturally, so having a supplement is very important.
In addition to taking supplements like BunnyPunch Salmon Oil for your pets, you can also use supplements made with fish oil. Fish oils from fish such as wild salmon or farmed salmon have been found to contain lots of Omega-3s. That's why you see dogs on fish oil supplements all over the place. If your veterinarian gives you the go-ahead, give your pets a dose of it right along with their daily food.
One other option that many people are choosing nowadays is to buy a supplement called Fish Oil for Dogs. You can check the latest price and try to locate one that has good reviews. BunnyPunch is available on Amazon USA and Canada. However, some of those supplements may not be completely safe. Before buying, make sure that it's certified by the Health Canada and the FDA. If they are on Amazon they have already been approved by these agencies.


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