How Important Is Omega-3 Fatty Acids in a Cat's Diet?

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How Important Is Omega-3 Fatty Acids in a Cat's Diet?

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It has been well known for years that cats are better off having omega-3 fish oil in their diet than that of table food. This has been borne out by recent studies, which have also shown clear signs that omega-3s can lower the incidence of cat cancer. However, it is not only cats which benefit from these oils. Dogs also derive some significant benefits from ingesting omega-3 fatty acids. In a study conducted at the Academy of General Dentistry's 53rd annual meeting held in San Francisco, California, it was found that dogs and cats that were fed a diet which had high levels of essential fatty acids (EFAs) had a decreased risk of developing dry skin. Another study, which was carried out on laboratory rats showed that fish oil taken orally helped to reduce wrinkles and decrease the occurrence of mammary gland tumors. These results are consistent with the idea that the fatty acids help to protect the health of the skin and coat. Dry skin is the most common condition suffered by cats as they can suffer from a deficiency of vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin E, and even vitamin D. It is thought that this coat condition is linked to a lack of essential fatty acids which are needed for healthy skin. Salmonoam (salmon) is used to help keep the coat moist and soft and it is used in many foods today. As there are many benefits of using fish oil as part of your pet's diet, you will need to consult with your vet if you wish to supplement your pet's diet with any particular nutrients. If you feel your pet may benefit from salmon oil then discuss the subject with your vet and find out whether or not they think it is suitable supplementation for your pet. You should also be aware that some breeds of cat are more prone to develop allergies to these types of nutrients and so it is best to discuss the matter with your vet before giving them any form of treatment. However, you can find a variety of quality cat foods which are specifically designed to provide omega - 3 fatty acids, including salmon and tuna, which are full of these essential fats.

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