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Jeffrey Green & Steve Bakker started Bunny Punch because of a lack of high quality Salmon Oil for Dog's & Cat's at a reasonable price. We solved that.

That's why I spent years with Steve developing this product.

Along the way, we had our ups and downs.

We want to be the biggest supplier to Dog's and Cat's in North America, our furry friends deserve it. Feel free to contact us anytime at

Jeffrey & Steve started Bunny Punch because there was a lack of unique items collected in a single place. That's why we decided to venture into the world of dog & cat items, specialty goods and unique wares for pets. Along the way, we've attracted hundreds of people interested in unique products that shares the same passion we do. This creates a win-win situation for both us and you as a customers who's coming to this shop. We want to be the one source where passionate people can find all their unique items for your pets. Feel free to contact us anytime at

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