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Fish Oil Benefits For Our Canine Friends.... Fish Oil for Dogs....Salmon Oil for Dog Benefits.......

Fish Oil Benefits For Our Canine Friends.... Fish Oil for Dogs....Salmon Oil for Dog Benefits.......



Pet dogs are a member of the family and require the same care and love as children. While you love to give your dog treats, not all doggie snacks can be considered healthy. Many dog treats are void of calories and have harmful additives that provide little more than flavor. Salmon oil for dogs can be used to treat your dog and improve its appearance, condition and coat. It also strengthens the heart.

Salmon oil for dogs is an Omega-3 fat extract from wild Alaska salmon. It's sourced from the cold Gulf of Alaska all year. The high Omega-3 levels in salmon oil help to prevent and treat diseases such as arthritis, cancer, and heart disease. This fat can also be beneficial for dogs, since it strengthens their hearts. However, the fatty acids are mostly used to maintain skin and hair.

Salmon is the best source of Omega-3 fat acids. There are five types of Alaskan salmon: The King, Sockeye and Coho, as well as the Chum and the Chum. Higher fat levels are associated with salmon that have longer spawning periods and require more activity to swim upstream through freshwater in order to reach the sea. The wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon has the highest Omega-3 content at 2.7%. Alaskan salmon are harvested responsibly by environmentally-minded fishermen, ensuring a sustainable habitat and large amounts of the fish for the future.

Salmon oil for dogs has many health benefits, but your dog will still love it. It is better to give salmon oil to your dog as an addition to his daily food than to take Omega-3 supplement form. The body is more likely to absorb the fatty acids from fish oil.

Delicious Alaska seafood is great for the whole family. The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute's website has a lot of great nutritional information.

32 oz Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cat's, 100% Pure Atlantic Salmon Oil, Supplemental Fish Oil for Healthy Dog's Coats, Omega 3 Dog Fish Oil Liquid for Coats and Itchy Dry Skin, Helps with Hips & Joints.

About this item:

PURE SALMON OIL FROM BUNNY PUNCH: supports, skin, coat, hips and joints, heart and the immune system.
SALMON OIL RICH IN OMEGA 3 AND OMEGA 6: fatty acid will keep skin and coats soft and healthy.
HELP YOUR PET STAY: in the best shape of his and her life while supporting immune function.
AWESOME PET SUPPLEMENT: that is easy and mess-free, take a couple of pumps of salmon oil and mix to dog or cat foods.
Bunny Punch Inc. cares about animals (even the stinky little skunk we just rescued!). We know you care, too—that’s why we manufacture Atlantic Salmon Oil here in Canada. Our salmon oil is presented in a delicious liquid form that can be easily mixed in with your pet’s wet or dry food—much easier than giving your pet a capsule (I still have scars from my last attempt).

Bunny Punch Inc. cares about the environment—we use only farmed Atlantic salmon as this allows us to both maintain the wild salmon population and ensure our salmon oil is 100% dolphin free; the integrity of our product and minimize the impact on our environment because we believe this is important (and so do our pets!).

Benefits of Atlantic salmon oil for your pet:

· Helps to relieve itchy, dry skin

· Supports joint function

· Promotes heart health

· Enhances the immune system

· Helps to maintain a healthy, glossy coat

· They think it’s delicious (that’s what they tell me, anyway)