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Fish Oil for Dogs - Better Health for your Dog. Fish Oil, Omega3. The Miracle in Salmon Oil.

Fish Oil for Dogs - Better Health for your Dog. Fish Oil, Omega3. The Miracle in Salmon Oil.

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Fish Oil for Dogs - Better Health for your Dog. Fish Oil, Omega3. The Miracle in Salmon Oil.

"Fish oil for dogs? You must be kidding! Owners often respond to my suggestion of omega-3 salmon oil capsules for Fido's daily diet.
Every dog owner knows that felines can eat fish. However, canines can eat dry kibbles or bits.

Owners sometimes say, "It doesn't seem natural." Dog owners often add that it is difficult to tell what is natural and unnatural in their dog's world.
It's not natural for them to rely on dry kibble as their nutrition. Their canine bodies aren't designed to digest the 40% of commercial dog food.
If your dog could speak, which I am glad he can't, he would ask for raw meat, bones and fish.

Dogs can learn to identify what they should eat if left alone in the wilds, where they are most likely to be found. Dogs don't need to see a commercial on TV with a cute tune to figure out what is good for them.
This brings us back to fish oils for dogs. Canines, being mammals, can experience some of the same health problems as humans. They can get arthritis, dermatitis and cancer just like us, especially if we give them our table scraps.

Research shows that fish oil is able to support canine health just as it does for humans. In a study published in The Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, it was found that heart-failing dogs had lower levels of DHA and EPA than their healthy counterparts. All dogs survived better when they were given omega-3 oil rich in EPA or DHA. (Vol. 12 (6), 440-8)

There are many more! You can now stop screaming at Fido for not licking his raw skin. It has been proven that fish oil can reduce itching, redness, swelling, and hair loss caused by those hairless, dry patches. (Veterinary Record, Vol. 144, No. 15, 405-07)

Give Fido salmon oil from BunnyPunch, and those spots will disappear.
If Fido has arthritis, omega 3 is the best thing to do for him. It will reduce the stiffness and pain associated with arthritis, just like it does for humans.
One time, we found a gorgeous Golden Retriever with terrible hip problems. Elka was unable to get out of a sat or lying position without assistance.
After we started giving her salmon oil capsules every day, she began to run and jump like a puppy. Elka was one of our best pets.

If you want to give your best friend a better quality of life, feed him or her a raw food diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids. If a raw food diet seems too complicated for you, and you still plan to feed dry kibble, you can supplement it with high-quality fish oil.

They are a part your family, and they deserve the best.
Jeffrey Green, nutritionist, and health professional with over 18 years experience. He has discovered many health benefits from fish oil, as well as the benefits to using natural whole foods for better health. This will help you feel younger, live longer and be healthier.

32 oz Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cat's, 100% Pure Atlantic Salmon Oil, Supplemental Fish Oil for Healthy Dog's Coats, Omega 3 Dog Fish Oil Liquid for Coats and Itchy Dry Skin, Helps with Hips & Joints.

About this item:

PURE SALMON OIL FROM BUNNY PUNCH: supports, skin, coat, hips and joints, heart and the immune system.

SALMON OIL RICH IN OMEGA 3 AND OMEGA 6: fatty acid will keep skin and coats soft and healthy.

HELP YOUR PET STAY: in the best shape of his and her life while supporting immune function.

AWESOME PET SUPPLEMENT: that is easy and mess-free, take a couple of pumps of salmon oil and mix to dog or cat foods.

Bunny Punch Inc. cares about animals (even the stinky little skunk we just rescued!). We know you care, too—that’s why we manufacture Atlantic Salmon Oil here in Canada. Our salmon oil is presented in a delicious liquid form that can be easily mixed in with your pet’s wet or dry food—much easier than giving your pet a capsule (I still have scars from my last attempt).

Bunny Punch Inc. cares about the environment—we use only farmed Atlantic salmon as this allows us to both maintain the wild salmon population and ensure our salmon oil is 100% dolphin free; the integrity of our product and minimize the impact on our environment because we believe this is important (and so do our pets!).

Benefits of Atlantic salmon oil for your pet:

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