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Fish Oil For Dogs - Why It May Help Your Pet Dog!

Fish Oil For Dogs - Why It May Help Your Pet Dog!

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Fish Oil For Dogs - Why It May Help Your Pet Dog! Fish Oil is great for your pet dogs, but is it good for cats? The question of fish oil for cats should be the same as it is for your dogs. Cats, like dogs, must have their joints kept in tiptop condition in order to stay healthy and happy, so why would fish oil specifically help with joint pain in pets? Like our dogs, cats also experience joint problems and arthritis. A cat does not have the option to sit on a cushion all day like a dog does. Their bones are quite solid and must have a certain amount of flexibility to move their body in any direction. Just as dogs have some form of supplement to help aid the function of their bones, cats could benefit from a supplement like this. As a matter of fact, there have been a few studies that have been done which seem to indicate that cats who receive an Omega3 dietary supplement may not develop osteoarthritis at all. This is due to the fact that the fats that are present in the fish oil help to keep the joints from stiffening up. Since arthritis is often associated with old age, this could be a huge boon to those cats approaching or past their senior years. 32 oz Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cat's, 100% Pure Atlantic Salmon Oil, Supplemental Fish Oil for Healthy Dog's Coats, Omega 3 Dog Fish Oil Liquid for Coats and Itchy Dry Skin, Helps with Hips & Joints. About this item: PURE SALMON OIL FROM BUNNY PUNCH: supports, skin, coat, hips and joints, heart and the immune system. SALMON OIL RICH IN OMEGA 3 AND OMEGA 6: fatty acid will keep skin and coats soft and healthy. HELP YOUR PET STAY: in the best shape of his and her life while supporting immune function. AWESOME PET SUPPLEMENT: that is easy and mess-free, take a couple of pumps of salmon oil and mix to dog or cat foods. Bunny Punch Inc. cares about animals (even the stinky little skunk we just rescued!). We know you care, too—that’s why we manufacture Atlantic Salmon Oil here in Canada. Our salmon oil is presented in a delicious liquid form that can be easily mixed in with your pet’s wet or dry food—much easier than giving your pet a capsule (I still have scars from my last attempt). Bunny Punch Inc. cares about the environment—we use only farmed Atlantic salmon as this allows us to both maintain the wild salmon population and ensure our salmon oil is 100% dolphin free; the integrity of our product and minimize the impact on our environment because we believe this is important (and so do our pets!). Benefits of Atlantic salmon oil for your pet: · Helps to relieve itchy, dry skin · Supports joint function · Promotes heart health · Enhances the immune system · Helps to maintain a healthy, glossy coat · They think it’s delicious (that’s what they tell me, anyway) We recognize how important our four-legged family members are to all of us so we are willing to go the extra mile to help maintain their health for as long as possible. By the way...salmon oil is good for humans, as well, but ours is made for pets. Don’t drink your pet’s salmon oil—get your own! A Proudly Canadian & USA Product: We are very proud that we are able to manufacture this product in Canada. This allows us to keep a close eye on the quality and value of the oil. Your pets health is very important to us! Nourishing Omega Fatty Acid Support Do you have a fussy eater? Many fussy eaters have found their appetite returned when this pure Atlantic Salmon Oil is added to their food! While your pet is enjoying the taste, you can have the satisfaction of knowing they are receiving natural nutrients that they need. These nutrients contribute to healthier skin, healthy coat, joint health and immune system health. Its hard to imagine something that tastes great and is also healthy!! Advantages of Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats...