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How to Get Your Cat to Stop Shedding Its Fur With Fish Oil

How to Get Your Cat to Stop Shedding Its Fur With Fish Oil

People tend to think that the omega3 fatty acids found in fish oil and other seafood are good for cats, but what they do not know is that there are also other benefits. While it is known that fish oil has some great health benefits, it is also being studied whether or not it is a benefit in cats. Researchers have discovered that cats who are fed fish oil and Vitamin D are less susceptible to certain types of arthritis. They have also found that kittens given fish oil with Vitamin D are less prone to developing infections.


One of the most exciting benefits of fish oil is osteoarthritis. Studies have shown that cats who were fed a diet that was rich in fish oil developed less painful joints than those that were not. Veterinarians have also noticed that there is a decrease in instances of hip dysplasia and cataracts when cats are fed fish oil. These are only a few benefits of fish oil but the list goes on.


Other pet owners have noticed that their cats have more energy than they usually do. This could be because fish oil reduces the amount of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the bloodstream, which then gives your cat more energy. Other studies have indicated that fish oil can help with inflammation and pain. Cats who were exposed to stress-loaded situations showed an increase in cortisol levels. When they were fed fish oil after this initial stress, their cortisol levels were reduced.


For people who believe that cats are not creatures of habit, it could be true that they do not like the taste of fish. However, the opposite is actually true. Fish oil has been proven in numerous studies to help reduce the dryness of the coat on your cat. Additionally, it has been found that cats who were fed a diet high in fish oil developed fewer behavioral problems than cats who were fed a normal diet.


The reason for this is that fish oil contains essential fatty acids which are very essential to a cat's health. It is the EPA and DHA that are responsible for making the fat cells inside your body grow and thrive. Since your cat's fur is filled with these fats, it helps to keep them moist and keep them healthy. So if you want to know how to get your cat to stop shedding its fur, all you need to do is feed it fish oil. You see, fish oil is the perfect mouse for a cat because it stimulates the skin to grow new hairs. On top of that, if your cat is already furrier than it probably needs to be fed more fish oil so that it keeps up with its beautiful fur.


If fish oil has worked so well for human beings, then it should work equally well for your feline friends. Not only will they love you for it, they'll also be healthier because they'll be eating more food that is rich in Omega 3 oils. So if you like your pets to stay in tip-top shape, then you should start feeding them Bunny Punch Salmon Oil  today so that they'll have a full coat and strong muscles.