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Top 10 Dog Breeds, #2 French Bulldogs. Frenchie's, playful, alert, adaptable and irresistible.

Top 10 Dog Breeds, #2 French Bulldogs. Frenchie's, playful, alert, adaptable and irresistible.

The Breed Standard

Breed Standard: A description and standard for each breed of dog, which is used to guide judges at shows. It was originally established by the parent breed club, and then accepted by international or national bodies.

About the Breed

With his unique French Bulldog ears and even disposition, the French Bulldog is a very popular small-dog breed, especially for city dwellers. Frenchies are playful, alert, adaptable and irresistible. The French Bulldog is a miniature Bulldog, with the exception of the distinctive, tall, upright 'bat ears'. The head is square and large, with deep wrinkles that are rolled up above the very short nose. The muscular body is underneath the shiny, smooth coat is compact. Frenchies are a charming, friendly breed. Frenchies are a quiet breed, and they don't bark much. However, their alertness makes them great watchdogs. They are happy to live with families, singles or couples and don't require much exercise outside. They are good with other animals and love to make new friends. This is why so many people from Paris to Peoria love this companionable and amusing breed.


Frenchies are unable to swim due to their heavy front structure. Frenchies should not be left alone near water bodies, pools, or tubs. Frenchies, like all flat-faced breeds are susceptible to breathing problems. They also do poorly in hot and humid conditions. Flat-faced dogs are more sensitive to anesthesia. Frenchies can develop eye conditions like cherry eye, juvenile cataracts or entropion. Skin allergies and autoimmune skin diseases are also common. Responsible breeders will use all available testing to identify breeding stock susceptible to conditions that could affect the breed.

Health Tests Recommended by the National Breed Club:
  • Patella Evaluation
  • Evaluation of the Hip
  • Cardiac Exam
  • Evaluation of an Ophthalmologist


The Frenchie has a short coat that sheds very little. A medium-bristle brush or rubber grooming tool or glove, or a hound glove, can be used to brush the Frenchie's hair every week. Brushing encourages hair growth and spreads skin oils throughout the body to keep it healthy. Frenchie facial folds must be kept clean and dry. Frenchie's nails must be trimmed frequently to prevent him from getting pain.

French Bulldogs need to be exercised by their owners. This can be done with a short walk or outside play time each day. Frenchies love to participate in canine sports like agility, obedience, and rally. They are flat-faced and can have breathing problems. Therefore, Frenchies should not be allowed to exercise in hot or humid conditions.


It is important to start socializing your puppy as soon as possible and to take puppy training classes. The best way to help your puppy become a well-adjusted adult is to expose him or her to many different people, places and situations. Puppy training classes are part of socialization. They promote good behavior and teach the owner how to correct bad habits. Frenchies are very intelligent and have a large personality. They may need some training to become civilized companions. Although they can be stubborn, they are a good team player and easy to train. They will cooperate if they are given the right motivation, such as food and made to play.


High-quality dog food that is appropriate for the dog's age (pup, adult, senior) will provide all the nutrition the breed requires. Frenchies are more susceptible to obesity than other breeds. This can cause damage to their physical structure and increase their risk of developing some health problems. It is important to monitor their calorie intake as well as their weight. You should give treats to your dog in moderation. Avoid giving your dog table scraps, and avoid cooked bones and high-fat foods. Find out which foods are safe for dogs from humans. If you have concerns about your dog’s diet or weight, talk to your vet.

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