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Salmon Fish Oil Supplements Banishes Dry Skin in Dogs - Provides Health Benefits. Salmon for Dogs.

Salmon Fish Oil Supplements Banishes Dry Skin in Dogs - Provides Health Benefits. Salmon for Dogs.


The answer to our dog’s coat and skin problems was salmon oil supplement. It began as doggie-dandruff. That is, white flakes appearing on the fur of our dog and then falling onto our couches and rugs. Nasty!

A medicated shampoo was the first thing that we tried. We had to wait 10-15 minutes for it to work on him. And anyone who has ever tried making a wet, soapy dog wait for 15 minutes can tell you that this is not easy. You end up with a miserable, whining dog stuck in the stall of the shower. After doing the full body shaking, you get suds all across the shower walls and doors Plus. We looked into what type of dietary supplements could be used to improve dry, flaky hair.

It was suggested that omega-3s fatty acids could be helpful in reducing this problem. These acids are naturally found within fish oils. Some manufacturers make fascinating claims about the health benefits. They include skin and body improvements, immunity enhancements, growth, joint pain relief, and improved heart and renal function. These claims were supported in numerous studies and research, to our delight.

Studies have shown, for example, that Omega-3 fatty oils can be beneficial in reducing inflammation and wound healing. Many studies have also shown positive effects of fish oil supplements on dogs' abnormal heart rhythms.

You can purchase fish oil supplements to pets in capsules that look exactly like the human versions. It is necessary to break the capsule into pieces and squeeze the oil into a bowl for your pet. You can also try to get the dog to swallow your capsule. That would be too laborious! We prefer the fish oil that was in bottles. Just pump and squirt fish oil onto your dog's dry food. It will be adjusted according to your dog’s weight and manufacturer recommendations. It's so delicious that our dog will lick it up.

A pharmaceutical grade fish oil is best if you're concerned about the strong fishy scent that may be present in fish oil. This means that the oil undergoes high filtration that removes most of the fishy smell.

Also, you should pay attention to how fish oils have been extracted and distilled. You want to ensure that there are no heavy metals such as mercury or other toxins removed. Fish oils don’t need to be stored at room temperature, but it is important to verify the label.

There are many brands and types of fish oil available, but BunnyPunch fish oils are our favorite. The customers who have purchased our fish oils for pets have been very happy with their purchase. Iceland Pure fish oil is available in recyclable, brushed aluminium bottles. Plastic bottles can "breakdown", allowing certain liquids to be stored inside, which can lead chemical contamination.

Although the salmon oil is preferred by our dog, the company also produces a new brand of sardine/anchovy oil. It has 30% more omega-3 fats than the salmon.

Today, our dog has no flaky dog dandruff problems. His hair is also soft and healthy. Even our vet was impressed at the difference. You will be impressed with the results of fish oil supplements for pets suffering from skin conditions.

Our company,, was inspired by our love of dogs, and our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, BOB, who is our store's mascot. We love offering unique pet products to customers, as well as getting feedback and suggestions. We have our dogs test any treats or supplements we offer, and we also carefully choose the companies that we work with. We would not offer our customers anything that we wouldn’t have given to our pets.

32 oz Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cat's, 100% Pure Atlantic Salmon Oil, Supplemental Fish Oil for Healthy Dog's Coats, Omega 3 Dog Fish Oil Liquid for Coats and Itchy Dry Skin, Helps with Hips & Joints.

About this item:

PURE SALMON OIL FROM BUNNY PUNCH: supports, skin, coat, hips and joints, heart and the immune system.
SALMON OIL RICH IN OMEGA 3 AND OMEGA 6: fatty acid will keep skin and coats soft and healthy.
HELP YOUR PET STAY: in the best shape of his and her life while supporting immune function.
AWESOME PET SUPPLEMENT: that is easy and mess-free, take a couple of pumps of salmon oil and mix to dog or cat foods.
Bunny Punch Inc. cares about animals (even the stinky little skunk we just rescued!).

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